Monthly Archives: December 2015

Freedom In Peril: How Socialists & Liberals Are Stamping Out Democracy

On Sunday 13th December 2015, the second round of the French regional elections took place. Despite a very strong showing in the first round, the Front National, led by Marine Le Pen, tripled its number of seats but failed to win a single region. The election is yet another example of how democracy is being…

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Titans Led By Pygmies – 7 Days That Shamed The West

The first week of December 2015 saw a number of events take place which highlighted the bovine stupidity afflicting the leaders of Western nations. These are the pygmies leading the once mighty Titans of the West into the abyss. Let’s begin with the Climate summit in Paris. Leaders of the world flew-in to the French…

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5 Awkward Questions About Islam Politicians Don’t Want You To Ask & Daren’t Answer

Against a background of terror attacks committed by Muslims on every continent, Western governments and their propaganda merchants in the mainstream media continue to repeat the mantra that Islam is actually a religion of peace. They insist that jihadists who commit violence in the name of Islam are distorting the faith and are not true…

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