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5 Alarming Facts About Islamic Jihad Every Infidel Needs To Know

Since 622, devout Muslims have been waging war against unbelievers from virtually all non-Islamic faiths. The prophet of Islam, Muhammad and his band of bloodthirsty mujahideen waged war against Jews in the Middle East, raping, beheading and looting in the cause of Allah. As Muslims migrated to Africa, Asia and Europe, they waged war against…

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Trevor Phillips Admits He’s Culpable For Allowing Islamic Jihad To Flourish

One of the most devoted enforcers of multiculturalism, the former head of the absurdly named “Equalities and Human Rights Commission” Trevor Phillips has admitted multiculturalism has failed. He made this statement after a survey of Muslim opinion in Britain revealed some rather uncomfortable truths about the Muslim community and he admitted: “I thought Muslims would…

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