Monthly Archives: May 2016

5 Strongest Reasons To Vote Leave In The EU Referendum

With the EU referendum on June 23rd looming large on the horizon, the Remain camp continues to deploy fear as the main weapon of persuasion against the British people. Instead of pointing to a long proud record of benefits brought by the European Union, the people are warned of “ten plagues” that will hit them…

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Busting The Scaremongering Lies of Pro-EU Alarmists

As the campaigning for the EU referendum to be held in Britain on June 23rd intensifies, politicians and globalists who want Britain to remain in the European Union have launched three major attacks on their opponents. Each attack warns of dire consequences should Britain vote to leave the EU with the desperate scaremongering plumbing new…

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The Ugly Face Of Labour & The Normalization of Racism In Britain

Friday May 6th 2016 is a notorious day in the history of England. On this day, Labour politician Sadiq Khan was elected to the high office of mayor of England’s capital city, London. He is the first Muslim to become London mayor and one has to say that if current demographic trends continue, he probably…

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