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Why Forcibly Imposed Multiculturalism Is A Diabolical Crime Against Humanity

Of all of the human races on planet earth, only one race is denied the human rights of racial consciousness and preservation of identity and culture: Western whites. The reason is because of the spread of cultural Marxism, and in particular, an aspect of cultural Marxism referred to as “multiculturalism”. This pernicious, destructive ideology involves…

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How the Death of Fidel Castro Exposed the Immorality of the Left & Sounded a Sinister Warning

On November 25th 2016, the Cuban Marxist revolutionary Fidel Castro died. He had ruled Cuba with an iron-fist for  forty-seven years, crushing those who dared to oppose him. During his brutal presidency, an estimated 15,000 Cubans were executed, and thousands more were imprisoned and tortured. One would think the death of such a vicious dictator…

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