5 Dangerous Illusions Spread By The Media To Trick You Into Tolerating Intolerant Islam

Whenever you dare to criticize Islam, outraged Muslims and their apologists will cry foul and insist it’s a benign faith shariaworldthat upholds human rights. To bolster their claims, they’ll repeat five dnagerous illusions propagated by the mainstream media, dhimmi politicians and other grovelling Western leaders and apologists. Even people in the counter-jihad may have fallen for one or more of them so let’s get the truth out and debunk them once and for all.

1.A Golden Age – Defenders of Islam always cite a utopian “golden age” of Islam where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived side-by-side in perfect harmony in Southern Spain. Furthermore, the conquering Moors established a rich culture of learning, magnificent architecture and splendid art. This idyllic example of multiculturalism under the yoke of Islam is passed on as if it’s a commonly accepted historical fact. But the truth proves it’s yet another fallacy used to justify tolerating the intolerant.

For a start, Southern Spain – Al Andalus in Islam – was conquered into Islam via warfare. Being invaded, conquered and subjugated isn’t a sign of harmony! Then there’s the dearth of evidence pointing to a rich culture established by benign Muslim rule.

What about the claim of Jews, Christians and Muslims coexisting in peace, tolerance and harmony? As happens in practically every country where Islam rears its ugly head, Christian churches and cathedrals were either destroyed or converted into mosques. In public places, Jews and Christians had to wear cloth badges identifying their faith just as Jews had to do in Nazi Germany. Jews and Christians were relegated to second-class citizens called “dhimmis” who had to pay a tribute tax, the jizya, to their Muslim masters. Muslims did not pay any taxes at all. Should Jews and Christians dare to proselytize to Muslims they would be killed. Behold harmony and tolerance Islam style.

In 1066, Muslims followed the example of their prophet and wiped out the Jewish community of Granada, killing around 4000 people. The conquering Moors also waged jihad on Christians and Jews between 1130 and 1232, with killings, forced conversions and the removal of Christian children from their families so they could be raised by Muslim scholars and teachers in the Islamic faith.

You can discover more inconvenient facts debunking the myth of the golden age of Islam in Spain here and here.

Of course there’s an awkward question just begging to be asked about this “golden age” of Islam:

If it did exist, why did it only occur in Spain and why can’t a golden age of Islam exist in modern day Islamic countries such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran? Unstable countries where non-Muslims are persecuted, women are oppressed and homosexuals abused.

2.Age of consent – Most Westerners know child marriage is legal in Islam but it’s commonly believed that the age of consent is nine years of age. This is because Muhammad, the prophet of Islam and the perfect example for Muslims to emulate, married his favourite wife, Aisha, when she was just six, consummating the marriage when she was nine.

In fact, there is no legal age of consent in Islam and men are even allowed to marry babies as this Saudi marriage official explains.

In Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa detailing how grown men could have sexual relations with babies and infants along with other guidelines for perverse sexual behaviors and you can read it here.

Even in so-called moderate countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, child brides are common.

Due to the “perfect example” of Muhammad and fatwas such as the Ayatollah’s, millions of little boys and girls in the Islamic world suffer dreadful sexual abuse. Ill-informed, duplicitous apologists who dismiss child marriage as a common cultural practice ignore the suffering of these violated children and indeed, because they lack the courage to stand up for human rights out of fear of being smeared as racists, their tolerance and appeasement of Islam merely exposes more and more minors to appalling sexual abuse.

3.Hail The Messiah – One of the biggest tricks deployed to fool Christians about Islam is the assertion that Muslims regard Jesus Christ as a prophet of God. After all, Islam is one of the three great Abrahamic faiths so why wouldn’t Christ be regarded as a prophet in Islam?

The truth is somewhat different. In the Quran, the book containing the “immutable word of Allah”, the claim of the virgin birth is denied, with Mary being regarded as just a normal woman. Jesus Christ is most definitely not regarded as the son of God, he’s merely a mortal human. Therefore, Jesus Christ is merely a prophet who foretold of the coming of Muhammad. This explains why Islam regards Christians as polytheists – idolaters who falsely ascribe partners to Allah.

Again we have more uncomfortable questions just begging to be asked: If Islam regards Christ as a revered prophet of God, why have Muslims waged jihad against Christians for centuries? Why did the Turks commit genocide of around 2 million Armenian Christians and why are millions of Christians being persecuted throughout the Islamic world today, even as you’re reading this piece?


4.The Fairer Sex – Apologists and deceivers claim Islam fully supports women’s rights. When one points out how women are treated in Islamic states, they will claim it’s down to local cultures and the laws passed by men and are therefore, I bet you can guess what’s coming, “nothing to do with Islam”. Conveniently forgotten are the verses of the Quran and the “perfect example” of Muhammad.

Muhammad stated: “Women are deficient in intelligence”. He also claimed to have had a vision of hell and said the majority of its inhabitants were women. Muhammad was a man with a voracious sexual appetite who had many wives and he also raped a little girl, Aisha, as already discussed above.

Remember, Muhammad is the perfect example for Muslims to emulate. The way he practised his faith forms Islam. You cannot understand Islam without understanding how Muhammad lived his life. Because of his example, a Muslim man can marry multiple wives but women can’t have more than one husband. A married woman has next to no rights and should a man wish to divorce his wife, all he has to do is say “I divorce you” three times, called “triple talaq”. Imagine the outrage if Christianity had such a law!

Furthermore, in surah 4 ayat 34 of the Quran, Allah gives husbands permission to beat their wives if they dare to disobey them.

Under the sharia, a rape victim must have four male witnesses to prove her violation or she is deemed to be guilty of having unlawful sexual relations. In Islamic Pakistan, around 80 percent of all female prisoners are rape victims. Adulterers also face severe punishments including flogging and stoning.

If that wasn’t enough, non-Muslim women are regarded as war booty and can be captured and used and sold as sex slaves.  Once again, this is following the “perfect example” of Muhammad who would capture and enslave the women and girls of the tribes he fought and defeated. Now you know why Muslims are committing a rape epidemic in Europe and Britain.

As you can see, there’s no such concept of women’s rights in Islam. The plain truth is women are the first victims of this brutal faith.

5. Peaceful Majority – I’m sure you’ve heard this one a thousand times! The quite absurd claim that most Muslims are peaceful and just want to live normal lives. Does this hold a grain of truth?

First it’s crucial to remember that all Muslims without exception revere their prophet, Muhammad. He is their “ideal man, the perfect example” and he was a man who raped, murdered and enslaved unbelievers. He was a terrorist. So one wonders how Muslims can be peaceful if they revere such a violent jihadist.

Then there’s the issue of Islamic law, the sharia. Polls prove that most Muslims want to live under sharia. This legal system commands death for homosexuals, amputation of limbs for thieves, no rights for women as you’ve seen and flogging or stoning for adultery. Blasphemers and apostates also face flogging and the death penalty.

It’s difficult to believe that most Muslims who want to live under sharia can be peaceful yet leftists and liberals do just that. It’s as if they think there are two distinct versions of Islam: The brutal one seen in Islamic states and then a second benign one that will magically appear in Western states. And this version will be devoid of sharia and morph into a humanitarian faith that’s more akin to Christianity than Islam.

It’s a very dangerous attitude to take. The facts prove Islam is not a religion of peace, Muslims have been waging holy war against unbelievers from all faiths since 622 and clinging to illusions like this in the hope it transforms into something it never has been and never will be merely ensures Islam and its violations of human rights will spread.

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