Freedom Vs Fascism: Brexit & Trump Wins Have Triggered The Battle For Democracy

What a momentous year 2016 is turning out to be! First came the shock decision of the British people to leave the battle for democracyEuropean Union. This political earthquake was followed by Donald J. Trump’s astonishing victory in the US presidential election.

Both the Brexit referendum and the US presidential election have been met with furious outrage from the liberal left. Exasperated that people dared to reject them, offended leftists and their liberal lackeys are refusing to accept the democratic will of the people. In the UK, the Remain camp is demanding a second referendum while in the US, Green Party Leader Jill Stein is demanding a recount in three states. There’s also calls for mass protests to disrupt President-Elect Trump’s inauguration ceremony.  On both sides of the Atlantic, the battle for democracy has begun.

Let’s look at the two mainstream left-wing parties, Labour in Britain and the Democrat Party in the United States. They were parties formed by decent people who wanted to give a voice to the working class people of Britain and America but their successors abandoned this remit and their roots long ago.

The modern left is fiercely opposed to nation states and now shills for one world government and global corporatists. They’re haters of the foundations that built the two greatest free nations on earth and have waged war on nation state, capitalism, Christianity and the family since the swinging sixties. As their ideas became more and more popular, patriots whose only crime is the desire to preserve their nations, identities, and cultures were marginalized and bullied into silence.

Having successfully infiltrated schools, universities and the mainstream media, the left has poisoned the minds of generations of children with the toxic ideas of Marx, Lenin, Mao, Marcuse, Adorno and, Alinsky. Instead of learning crucial life-skills, the madrassas of Marxism have raped youngsters of their natural identities, hyper-sexualized them and turned them into mindless zombies who obey their masters without question.  Generations of impressionable British and American kids have been brainwashed to hate themselves, their nations, their “racist, oppressive” histories and their own people. A people the liberal-left quite disgracefully accuses of benefitting unjustly from “white privilege”, a wicked lie.

Self-righteous “progressives” have decimated the manufacturing base of their nations, they’ve deliberately transformed once cohesive working class communities into crime-ridden melting pots with the forced imposing of multiculturalism and they’ve continually placed the interests of immigrants over the interests of their own people.

Undeterred by the consequences, they created more division by championing the causes of minorities, especially men-hating feminists, homosexuals and ethnic minorities and imported Islam into their nations seemingly oblivious to the serious threat it poses to women, gays and all non-Muslims. Leftists and liberals happily turn a blind eye to crimes committed by their pet enrichers yet demonize white Americans and Britons at every opportunity. They claim race doesn’t exist as it’s a social construct but they see it very clearly when it comes to demonizing white people.

Should patriotic British and Americans dare to object to the transformation of their towns and cities, both the American and British “tolerant” left turn on the very people they were supposed to represent by demonizing them as “racists”, “haters”, “fascists” and the deplorable “Nazis”.


As if that wasn’t enough, when the global economy crashed in 2008, who did Labour and the Democrats punish? Not the corrupt bankers and avaricious corporations whose greed and incompetence caused the meltdown. Instead, they bailed out failed corporations with taxpayer cash and forcibly imposed austerity to make the people pay. And as they conduct these pernicious globalist and multicult experiments on their people, elitist champagne socialists line their pockets. Socialism is for thee, not for me, the hypocritical elitist pigs at the trough have made that very clear.  Both Labour and the Democrats are as corrupt and as avaricious as the devil but as Orwell told us, some animals are more equal than others. They hold the people who they’re supposed to serve and protect in complete contempt.

To their total astonishment, then came the shock of Brexit and the unexpected election of Donald J. Trump to the Whitehouse. Arrogant leftists and liberals thought they could take the people for granted and bully and intimidate them into voting for more of the same with the deployment of identity politics. This time their nasty little tactic didn’t work. Refusing to be cowered and sick of being ignored, the people finally found the courage to pull the dagger out of their backs. They knew their trust had been repeatedly betrayed and they expressed their dissent and disgust through the ballot box.

Having seen their communities transformed and ruined forever, a transformation they were never even asked about never mind voted for, they used the democratic process to demand change. They want their borders protected, they want an end to globalism and they want their nations and people to be put first!

However, their democratically expressed will is being challenged by undemocratic fascists who, unable to accept the rejection of their globalist utopia, are resorting to chicanery, sophistry and violence to overturn democracy. Outraged leftists and liberals have judged the people to be stupid, gullible or haters who’ve placed their nations at great risk. Their democratic vote is a grave mistake and the “we-know-better-than-you” liberal-left are determined to rectify it. To these self-righteous despots, it’s only democracy when it goes their way. They preach love and tolerance but thanks to Brexit and President Elect Trump’s victory, their tolerant mask has slipped revealing an ugly, intolerant, autocratic face.

I assert this refusal to accept democracy and to respect the will of the majority of people is a major threat to the two greatest nations ever created in human history. Let me explain why.

The reactions of the liberal-left to Brexit in the UK and the presidential election in the US are exactly the same. Establishment lackeys are given a platform in the print and broadcast media to whip-up hysteria. These globalist shills insist those who voted for Brexit/Donald J. Trump are ignorant and their foolish decision will cause unprecedented economic chaos, persecution of immigrants and even lead to World War III. You see, democracy can’t allow intoelrant, ignorant, racist, xenophobes to legitimize their hatred via the ballot box. Therefore, both Brexit and the US presidential election are unjust and the results must be corrected.

Deploying inflammatory rhetoric is a very cute, devious trick because it infers those who oppose the establishment are morally inferior to their more enlightened “progressive” opponents. Globalist shills are using immigrants as “human shields” to prevent criticism of their borderless policies by portraying it as hatred for human beings who are suffering.  This tried-and-tested  tactic emotionally manipulates people into feeling sympathy for invaders whilst removing sympathy for the communities who will suffer the dire consequences of mass immigration.

Such a hysterical, intolerant reaction shows there can never be harmonious cooperation with the establishment and its brainwashed, obedient liberal-left army. Unlike previous elections where the establishment could completely control the mainstream media, the rise of social media now means Britons and Americans have access to information and dissenting opinions denied to them previously.  Despite the best intentions of self-serving politicians, the duplicitous mainstream media, mega-rich, pious rock and pop stars, smug Hollywood actors, fear-mongering economists, billionaire tycoons and globalist corporations to intimidate the people into voting for the destruction of their nations, social media exposed the lies, spread the truth and gave a long-awaited platform to people whose voices had been previously silenced.

And here lies the problem. When the establishment wins an election, the liberal-left demands everyone accept the democratic will of the people and unites behind the new government. But should the vote go against them, they refuse to accept it. They stubbornly refuse to unite and cooperate with those who have the audacity to oppose them.

Their attempt to stamp their jackboots on democracy begs several questions those who believe in democracy and freedom must answer:

How can you live in a democracy if only one side is prepared to abide by the rules?

If established political parties, the entire mainstream media and the vast and influential entertainment industry  enforce no platform policies to prevent free expression of political views and work together to overturn democracy, then how do people who are being excluded from the political process respond if the ballot box is no longer an option?

Is it possible for a nation to call itself democratic when extreme left-wing subversive organisations such as SPLC, ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Hope Not Hate, and Unite Against Fascism are subverting the democratic process by silencing opposition and inciting violence against people who oppose the establishment?

How can there be a fair, legitimate democratic system if defeated parties collude to overturn democracy and even deploy the law to nix the will of the people?

If governments refuse to defend borders and allow in hordes of immigrants who will be incentivized by promises of benefits in return for votes, then what do those whose taxes pay for it all do if they can’t vote in a government who will stop this gerrymandering?

Finally, how can there be a functioning democracy when children are being indoctrinated in schools and universities with anti-West, anti-capitalist, anti-nation state cultural Marxist ideologies dressed-up as multiculturalism? Worse, this state-implemented brainwashing makes children believe all of those who oppose them and their global utopia are hate-filled, intolerant inferiors. Can we really expect them to respect democracy when they’re adults?

This battle for democracy triggered by the liberal-left shouldn’t come as a surprise. History shows that Socialism is not a democratic ideology. The Brexit referendum and Donald Trump’s election to the Whitehouse will now test how strong and resilient democracy is on both sides of the Atlantic.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the controversial new book: Liberty Violated – Untold Stories of the Seven Betrayals Breaking Down Western Civilization. Chapter one exposes why multiculturalism is a wicked crime against humanity and is available as a FREE PREVIEW click here now to read it >>