Case for Treason: How Bill Clinton Supported Islamic Terrorists and Helped Jihad Strike the Entire West

On 11th January 1993, William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States. At this time, bckosovobrutal civil war had erupted in the former Yugoslavia and Bill Clinton’s presidency would have disastrous consequences. Not just for the people of Yugoslavia, but for the entire West, and the grave ramifications continue to unfold to this day.

Shortly after President Clinton entered office, the warring sides in Bosnia – Serbs, Croats and Muslims – had all agreed to the peace plan proposed by Cyrus Vance and Lord David Owen. But President Clinton’s ambassador Warren Christopher encouraged the Bosnian Muslims to hold out for more territory and the peace deal collapsed. Thanks to his unnecessary interference, bitter civil war would rage in Bosnia for two more years.

War Is Deceit

As the civil war continued, the Bosnian Muslims launched a concerted propaganda campaign to get the West on their side. Even though this was a civil war with all sides guilty of committing atrocities, the United States chose to side with the Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims instead of remaining a neutral arbitrator. The Bosnian Muslims knew the Serbs possessed superior firepower and their strategy was to win support from the US who in turn, would use its considerable influence to unleash the military might of NATO on Bosnian Serb forces.

Not only were the Bosnian Muslims winning support from the United States and European states, newly re-unified Germany in particular. Their leader, Alija Izetbegovic, had also won support from Islamic states in the Middle East, most notably, Iran. US intelligence knew Iran had been training hundreds of Bosnian Muslims for Jihad – holy war – since 1982. Both the outgoing George Bush administration and the incoming Bill Clinton administration were informed of this yet neither administration acted on it. Arms poured into Bosnia, along with hundreds of Arab jihadists eager to fight the infidel Serbs in the cause of Allah.

On February 5th 1994, a second mortar attack at Markale market in the capital city, Sarajevo killed 68 people. The Bosnian Muslim government immediately blamed the Serbs and graphic footage of the atrocity was distributed to the media and subsequently broadcast around the world. The Bosnian government prevented the United Nations from conducting an investigation so proof as to who carried out the attack couldn’t be established. Yet Western politicians and their media lackeys continued to point an accusing finger at the Serbs.

Despite the lack of evidence, the US sponsored a resolution at the United Nations with US Ambassador at the UN Madeline Albright calling for permission for NATO air strikes against Serb forces.

On February 6th, Secretary General of The United Nations Boutros Boutros Ghali, an Egyptian, requested that NATO begin air strikes against the Bosnian Serbs. However, NATO director of intelligence General Charles Boyd uncovered evidence proving that the Bosnian Muslims had carried out the diabolical mortar attack on Markale marketplace.


Undeterred, both the UN and the US applied intense pressure on the Serbs, backed-up with the threat of NATO air strikes, for them to pull back from Sarajevo. The Serbs had little choice but to comply and a major victory for the Bosnian Muslims resulted from an atrocity they themselves had committed.

NATO Joins The Jihad

On August 25th 1995, a third bombing occurred at the Markale marketplace in the UN designated “safe zone” of Sarajevo. The cowardly attack on civilians left forty-three people dead and seventy-five wounded.

Both the British and the French were convinced the attack was carried out by Bosnian Muslim forces. However, they were overruled by the United States who once again pointed the finger of blame at the Serbs. NATO jets were already on stand-by and air-strikes were launched against Serb positions. In doing so, the United States had chosen a side in a civil war and NATO had overruled the UN and embraced its new role as the air force for the Bosnian Muslims who were waging jihad against the Christian Serbs.

It’s important to remember that Serbia hadn’t attacked any NATO member state and it certainly wasn’t a threat to any NATO member, especially the United States, which was at that point in time, the world’s only superpower.

But the worst betrayal of the Serbs came in July 1995 when Serb forces were accused of committing genocide of Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica. I have written previously about what actually happened and how President Bill Clinton deceived his own people in order to justify more NATO military intervention in my essay:

How The  Deception of Srebrenica Is Still Advancing Islamic Jihad

In December 1995, the civil war in Bosnia ended when all sides signed the Dayton Peace Agreement. However, it wouldn’t bring to an end the Islamic jihad being waged against the demonized and beleaguered Christian Serb infidels.

Clinton Frames The Innocent

As the twentieth century drew to a close, tensions between the Albanian Muslim majority and the Christian Serb minority in the Serbian province of Kosovo were reaching boiling point.

The jihadist paramilitary group the Kosovo Liberation Army – KLA – had been killing Serbs and Albanian Muslims who didn’t support independence from Serbia. KLA terrorists also persecuted other minorities especially Jews andkosovo-isis gypsies.

These atrocities forced the Serb army into responding and war once again erupted in the Balkans. And just as happened in Bosnia, the Serbs were once again cast as the villains of the piece. Conveniently, the heinous atrocities committed by bloodthirsty KLA Muslim jihadists were ignored.

Madeline Albright was pressurizing President Clinton to order military strikes against the vilified Serbs. Despite being advised by his envoy to the Balkans Robert Gelbard that the KLA was an Islamic terrorist organization, the President sent his diplomat Richard Holbrooke to negotiate with the jihadists.

After conducting negotiations, demilitarization was agreed and the Serb army retreated, just as it had done at Sarajevo. But the KLA continued to carry out murderous terrorist attacks. In January 1999, KLA terrorists attacked Serb police at Racak, killing three of them.

Serb police and military forces responded and fierce fighting followed over the next two days. Serb forces were observed by the Kosovo Verification Mission, headed by another US diplomat, William Walker.

After the battle at Racak, KLA terrorists took Walker to a trench containing 45 dead males. All of the deceased were of fighting age, all had taken part in the battle and all had been killed during the fierce fighting.

However, Walker held a press conference and accused the Serbs of committing a massacre at Racak. President Clinton gave a televised broadcast and told the American people that the Serbs had executed Muslims in cold blood. Madeline Albright poured more fuel on the fire by falsely stating that the Serbs had “slit the throats” of dozens of Muslims.

These lies were used to demonize Serbia in order to justify NATO intervention in the Balkans once again. The US drew up an agreement called “The Rambouillet Accords” demanding Kosovo separate from Serbia after a referendum in three years. The accords also laid down terms for a NATO occupation force on Serb territory. The outraged and unjustly demonized Serbs quite rightly rejected it.

President Clinton again accused the Serbs of committing atrocities and assured his people the US was advancing peace. In March 1999 NATO jets began bombing Serbia, a Christian state whose only crime was to fight back against Islamic jihad. And Serbia still hadn’t threatened or attacked any NATO member state. Regardless, NATO’s “humanitarian” bombing, code-named “Operation Horseshoe”, continued for 78 days. NATO repeatedly dropped cluster bombs into marketplaces, hospitals, and also attacked convoys of Albanian refugees, all war crimes under the Geneva Convention.

Entire West Now Reaps What Clinton Sowed

Fast-forward to today and the dire consequences of President Bill Clinton’s treacherous decision to support Islamic jihad in the Balkans continue to unfold.

On September 11th 2001, 19 devout Muslim jihadists flew two fuel-laden airliners into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Five of the jihadists had fought in Bosnia and they repaid America for its support during the civil war in the Balkans.

Iran and Al Qaida, the terror group who claimed responsibility for 9/11, are both active in the region. Kosovo, sacred land to the Serbs handed over to KLA Islamic terrorists courtesy of President Clinton, is now one of the busiest heroin trafficking routes into Western Europe. All of the profits aid the jihad being waged against the entire West.

A Saudi Arabian jihadist who went to fight with the Bosnian Muslims describes Bosnia as “the cradle of modern jihad.”

Of great concern is the presence of Islamic State in the region.  The terrorist organization has established a stronghold in Land, Osve, Bosnia Herzegovina and terrorism expert Dzevad Galijasevic has issued a chilling warning:

“There is no one there who isn’t ready to respond to the summons of jihad.”

 In the run up to the 2016 Presidential elections, Julian Assange’s Wikileaks released a dump of John Podesta’s email server.  It exposed how the Clinton Foundation received $10 million dollars from the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and lucrative arms deals conducted with the Saudis when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. This includes a $900,000 donation just before one deal was approved along with arms deals with other nations who had also donated to the Clinton Foundation. Countries who, just like Saudi Arabia, are committing gross violations of human rights – Algeria, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and one of the biggest funders of terrorism, Qatar.

John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, is a lobbyist for the Democrat Party. He’s also a registered foreign agent on the payroll of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are paying Tony Podesta, one of the top contributors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, $140,000 a month.

If all of that wasn’t enough, in 2012, Qatar gave the Clinton Foundation a $1 million check for Bill Clinton’s birthday. These are the same Islamic nations who, along with Iran, were supporting Muslim jihadists fighting against the Christian Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo.

By picking a side and choosing to intervene militarily in what was a brutal civil war where all sides were guilty of committing atrocities, the United States and NATO have created a foothold for Islamic jihad in the heart of Europe. Hillary Clinton, the wife of President Bill Clinton, the man who knowingly sided with Islamic terrorists in Bosnia and Kosovo thus helping jihad spread throughout the West, is standing to become the first female President of the United States. Her husband, Bill Clinton, deceived his people repeatedly. I truly hope the American people won’t let themselves be fooled again. Because the damning evidence shows a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to advance the Islamic jihad being waged against America and the West.

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