How the Death of Fidel Castro Exposed the Immorality of the Left & Sounded a Sinister Warning

On November 25th 2016, the Cuban Marxist revolutionary Fidel Castro died. He had ruled Cuba with an iron-fist for  cubacastroforty-seven years, crushing those who dared to oppose him. During his brutal presidency, an estimated 15,000 Cubans were executed, and thousands more were imprisoned and tortured.

One would think the death of such a vicious dictator would be met with condemnation. Yet throughout the Western world, liberals and leftists reacted in a way that exposed their hypocrisy and immorality.

Both BBC and CNN portrayed Castro as champion of Socialism who stood up to the bullying of the United States. They cited his healthcare and education programs as proof of his love of his people.  Curiously, no evidence of the tremendous advances his healthcare programs had brought to medical science was presented. But the BBC went as far to suggest that Fidel Ruiz Castro was the most astute politician of the 20th Century.

Leftist politicians queued up to praise “El Comandante”.  Let’s start with the leader of the British Labour party, the Marxist Jeremy Corbyn. Not one to let reality get in the way of Socialist spin, Mr. Corbyn acknowledged that Fidel Castro had flaws, but lauded the dictator’s role in helping to end apartheid in South Africa. “He will be remembered both as an internationalist and a champion of social justice” he cooed, because mass murdering and torturing human beings is a trivial matter compared to ending apartheid, a system which didn’t murder human beings by the thousand.

Many of the human beings sent to re-education camps by Castro were homosexuals and black people but Jeremy Corbyn, whose party champions itself as a fighter for the LGBT community and against racial discrimination conveniently ignored these violations of human rights.

Mr. Corbyn wasn’t alone in praising the mass-murderer Castro. The Fuehrer of the European Union Jean-Claude Juncker also praised Castro, saying “The world has lost a man who was for many, a hero”.  In the United States, Dr. Jill Stein, the leader of the Green Party, tweeted her support of Castro.castrosteinOne wonders how anyone in their right mind can regard a mass murderer and a torturer of people who opposed him as a “symbol for justice”.

Unfortunately for the people of Canada, their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party dropped any pretense of morality and went completely over the top in his praise for the deceased Socialist dictator.  In some alternate universe only known to Prime Minister Trudeau, Fidel Castro was a “legendary revolutionary” who had “tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people.” The Prime Minister also praised “Mr. Castro’s significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation”. He finished off by lauding Fidel Castro as “a remarkable leader.”

For this quite astonishing statement, the Twitter community mocked Prime Minister Trudeau without mercy, with the hashtag #trudeaueulogies trending. You can read a selection of the best ones here.

Curiously, none of these tributes to Castro mentioned his enormous wealth, estimated to be at least US$900 million, accrued whilst impoverishing and terrorising his own people. Nor did these fantasy-driven sycophants mention that Cuba’s education system involves forcibly indoctrinating children to obey the Castro regime. This includes encouraging children to report any “counter-revolutionary activity” they see in their parents, family and friends to their school teachers. Children who have not participated in state activities will have a black mark placed against their name and this will prevent them from attending university.

What about Castro’s much-lauded free healthcare for all Cubans? It’s true, Cuba does possess some of the most advanced hospitals, however, they are only available to foreigners who pay handsomely for their services. Cubans have to attend less advanced state hospitals and even have to take their own towels, pillows and bed-sheets.  You can read real-life accounts of FidelCare along with photos exposing the reality of Cuba’s hospitals here. WARNING: Contains pictures of a psychiatric ward which you may find distressing.

Far from being a great Socialist leader who cared for his people, Fidel Castro was cut from the same cloth as other wicked disciples of Karl Marx such as the Communists Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Ze Dong and the German National Socialist Adolf Hitler. For leftists and liberals to vehemently denounce Adolf Hitler yet praise Fidel Castro is hypocrisy of the very worst kind.

But their adulation of Fidel Castro reveals something particularly sinister about the modern liberal-left.  They will always place their ideology over reality. Cuba to them represents the Socialist utopia. The 17,000 victims murdered by Fidel Castro and the thousands more imprisoned and tortured in his gulags are regarded as collateral damage. Worthless, expendable human beings who can be sacrificed with impunity in the revolution to establish a Socialist state.

You can see this same reprehensible attitude among the liberal-left in the entire West. In their drive to transform Western nations via the forced imposition of multiculturalism and mass immigration, leftists and liberals completely ignore the victims of their pernicious social experiment. It doesn’t matter to them if thousands of people are murdered by Islamic terrorists. And the ruined lives of thousands of girls and women raped and gang-raped by immigrants simply don’t matter. Nor does the crime wave multiculturalism has inflicted upon once cohesive towns and cities throughout Western Europe, Great Britain and America.

All of the victims can be sacrificed with impunity in the pursuit to destroy the capitalist West and establish the same “Socialist utopias” that existed in The USSR, The People’s Republic of China,  North Korea, The German Democratic Republic and yes, Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

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