Fact-Checking The Left: Inconvenient Facts About Fascism Socialists Don’t Want You To Know

One of the most common thought-control weapons deployed by socialists is to accuse those who dare to oppose them musso2of being “far-right” fascists. Thanks to the success of left-wing propaganda, even people to the right of the political spectrum believe Fascism is a “far-right” ideology. Not so!

Let’s fact-check the left’s narrative by exposing several inconvenient facts about Fascism holier-than-thou leftists would rather you didn’t know…

1.The creator of Fascism, the Italian Benito Mussolini was originally a committed communist and a pacifist. He established himself in the movement and became editor of the renowned communist journal “Avanti”. When war broke out in 1914, Mussolini joined the army and after seeing the working class people of Europe almost annihilate each other, he realized socialism was going nowhere. He also recognized that Karl Marx’s claim of an international working class was pure fiction. He knew working class people were “hopelessly chained to their native shores” and he stated that “Internationalism was a luxury only the bourgeoisie could afford.” So, for socialism to progress, he believed it needed to change from Internationalism to Nationalism.

2.Mussolini’s Fascism is a combination of totalitarian, one-party socialist state and corporate power. It’s commonly referred to as “The Third Way” and advocates include Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Tony Blair, Barrack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton. In fact, almost all western societies have adopted the fascist ideology to some degree and it doesn’t matter who is in power. All Western nations are now a combination of capitalism and socialism with social welfare policies implemented by both left and right wing parties.

And just as the orthodox left – communists – did back in Mussolini’s day, they still criticize it as a betrayal of left-wing values.

3.Under Fascism, all groups would have a seat at the table – industrialists, peasantry, workers, unions and even the church. Just like Karl Marx, Mussolini hated religion and openly mocked God but he knew the church had to be a part of his new, fascist Italy. All would be bound together by their Italian identity and ruled by the totalitarian socialist state.

The symbol of fascism is the ancient Roman “fasces”, a bundle of sticks bound together with an axe. The sticks symbolize strength through unity with the axe representing the ultimate power of the state over life and death. And just like other socialist dictators Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hitler, Mussolini was a statist. However, unlike those other red despots, he didn’t murder millions of human beings.

“The keystone of the Fascist doctrine is its conception of the State, of its essence, its functions, and its aims. For Fascism the State is absolute, individuals and groups relative…All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” – Benito Mussolini

So, communism is International Socialism and seeks to establish a global, stateless, classless totalitarian society. Fascism is National Socialism where the nation state and class structures are preserved within a one-party, totalitarian socialist state. Each of these ideologies appeals to people who want to be looked after by the state from birth to death. In short, Fascism lies to the right of communism and is right-wing socialism. It’s a left-wing ideology and differs from the right-wing which values tradition, limited government – i.e. minimal state interference – individual liberty, free market trade and rule of democracy.


4.Contrary to popular belief fuelled by false left-wing propaganda, Fascism in Italy was not a racist ideology. Mussolini criticised Adolf Hitler for his racist policies, labelling him “a broken record. Today it’s the Jews, tomorrow Latin Americans, then, who knows.” Fascists came to power in 1922 and it wasn’t until 1938 that race laws were introduced largely due to Italy’s submission to Hitler’s Nazis. A whole 16 years – 75% – of fascist rule had passed and only five years of fascist rule remained. Also, Mussolini, a womaniser with a voracious sexual appetite, had several Jewish mistresses. Some racist!

Here’s another surprising fact: Fascist Italy was the second safest country for Jews during World War Two behind Denmark, and there were no concentration camps for Jews either. Fascists in Italy – and Spain – protected Jews and Jews were over-represented in the Fascist movement. Furthermore, Mussolini was supported by both the Italian and World Jewish communities.

5.The duplicitous left – most of whom are ignorant about Marxism and how it evolved during the twentieth century – proclaim to hate Fascism. However, when Mussolini came to power, he was greatly admired by leading leftist intellectuals of the time, especially in the United States.

The University of Colombia admired Mussolini so much it created “Casa Italiana”, a study center for students to learn more about modern Italy. A grateful Mussolini thanked the university for its “valuable contribution” by sending a signed photo of himself.

Hollywood was very much pro-fascist and two films were released promoting it: “The Eternal City”, about the battle between communists and fascists for control of Italy featuring Mussolini himself, and “Mussolini Speaks” a documentary comparing “Il Duce” to Cesar, portraying the dictator as the type of strong leader the US needed.

The revered Democrat President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt was an admirer and adopted fascist policies. He firmly believed the future would mean a convergence between the best parts of socialism and the best parts of capitalism. When allied with USSR during World War II, FDR believed the soviets would also adopt fascism, refusing to believe strong evidence to the contrary.

But perhaps the most surprising admirer of Benito Mussolini was the leader of The Russian Revolution, the communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. He lauded Mussolini as “the only true revolutionary in Italy.”

Mussolini, like Lenin, believed revolutionary violence was key to the socialist struggle. Individuals who refuse to bend to the will of the state will be crushed with an iron fist. This is another aspect shared by all three Marxist ideologies – Communism, Fascism and Nazism. They’re all about imposing an all-powerful, one-party socialist state for the collective good. Democracy isn’t needed, all will be cared for by the state and no one will be left behind. All are revolutionary ideologies and their disciples followed Marx’s call to implement revolutionary terror to achieve power.

6.Elements of Fascism copied by the left include:

Establishing a minimum wage.

Lowering voting age to 18.

Women given the vote (Which the New York Times credited to the pressure of American feminists)

Repeal of titles of nobility.

Implementing a variety of government bodies managed by workers.

Eight hour working day for all workers became state law.

State-built secular schools to raise working class children in fascist culture and morality.

People who owned land had to cultivate it. If they refused, the state would confiscate the land and hand it over to  worker’s and farmer’s co-operatives.

7.So, Fascism is “The Third Way”, a merger of totalitarian, one-party socialist state and corporate power. Social democratic theorist Professor Anthony Giddens of the London School of Economics and Political Science explains succinctly why fascism belongs on the left. He stated that The Third Way is a rejection of the internationalism called for by Karl Marx but it’s a viable form of socialism because it removes the unjust elements of capitalism by providing social welfare and other socialist policies – free education for example.

Far from being a “right-wing” dictator, Benito Mussolini was a true socialist who evolved Marxism from an international to a national ideology. He proclaimed his loyalty to the socialist state until his last breath, saying:

“I bequeath the republic to republicans, not monarchists and the work of social reform to the socialists and not to the middle classes.” – Benito Mussolini

Often depicted as a buffoon, Benito Mussolini was a socialist intellectual who significantly evolved the Marxist cause. His ideas not only influenced political movements during the twentieth century, the West continues to be shaped by them today.

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