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Little-Known Hard Facts About Racism Demolish The Left’s Biggest Weapon

Any time devout disciples of Multiculturalism are confronted with an unbeliever who dares to question them and facts about racismtheir precious faith, they will become very irate and strive to silence dissent. The preferred weapon of choice is to accuse the unbeliever of racism, the new heresy.

It’s a nasty yet effective thought-control weapon but as these hard facts about racism prove, it’s  completely artificial creation. A nasty little hobgoblin that can be easily slayed when you know what it really is.

Slaying The Left’s Racist Hobgoblin

In the usage we know it now, racism is a pejorative false Marxist construct, an Orwellian thought-control weapon designed to silence dissenters and brainwash people into meekly accepting the creeping colonization of their land, the dilution of their culture and the erasing of their identity.

Racism is a weapon of ethnic cleansing and it’s only deployed against one group of people: Western Europeans who are proud of their nations and who wish to preserve their culture and identities. Racism is the Marxist term for tribalism and the word racism has no meaning to the tribal peoples of Africa and South America, the Oriental races of Asia and the Arabic peoples of the Middle East. All of whom, incidentally, must be regarded as racists by the devout apostles of the rainbow creed were they to apply their dogma evenly. No chance of that though.

This powerful word, this malicious hobgoblin has been around for over a century and initially it wasn’t pejorative. It became pejorative thanks to the Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky, the man who created the Red Army. Trotsky was a firm believer in the application of what Karl Marx called “revolutionary terror” and it was he who set up the compulsory forced labor camps – the dreaded Gulags – and implemented state control of trades unions.

During the mid-twentieth century, leading Marxist scholars such as Professor Herbert Marcuse realized the working class people of the West had rejected socialism. To solve this problem, they decided to import people from the third world into the West who would become the new oppressed peoples who would take socialism forwards. With this evolution, Marxists abandoned the working class people of the West and adopted the causes of minorities, especially immigrants.

Racism was the Orwellian thought-control weapon that would be deployed against those who dared to oppose mass immigration. Their plans were boosted by events in South Africa, where the white minority was branded as racists who were cruelly oppressing the black majority through the “racist” system of apartheid. You can learn more about what really happened in South Africa in chapter six of my new book “Liberty Violated”.

This illustrates why racism is a racist term itself because it only works one way. The word racist is used by leftists who believe they are white knights protecting ethnic minorities from evil haters. In fact it’s a thought control weapon designed to stifle opposition to the spread of communism – international socialism – the dismantling of Western capitalist states and the creation of a one world, stateless socialist society. It’s a smear to demonize people who are loyal to their nation and its culture and who wish to preserve them for future generations of their people.

Smug, self-righteous rainbowists who deploy this thought-control weapon are nothing more than subverts working to destroy Western nations. In other words, racism is the weapon of a traitor. And remember: This pejorative word was coined by Leon Trotsky, a Marxist revolutionary who is responsible for the murders of between 2-4 million people.

Let me share with you a couple of responses I like to fire-back whenever a self-righteous rainbow disciple tries to stamp-out my right to free speech by conjuring up the racist hobgoblin.

The first reply I’ll give immediately: A racist is anyone who dares to disagree with a self-righteous, totalitarian bigot like you. You claim to be tolerant but you can’t abide being opposed.

I’ll then give the following definition:

Racism is a false Marxist construct created by Trotsky, a mass murdering socialist. It’s an Orwellian thought-control weapon deployed by anti-West cowards to manipulate gullible fools into accepting their own demise. It’s an insult designed to silence dissent by forcing idiots to deny reality. It’s the new blasphemy or heresy and is the lame retort of an intellectual dwarf who knows its beliefs are bankrupt. The race card has been overused and it’s expired.

I’ll also add: Any white who calls other whites “racist” has chosen to deny their identity, dilute their culture and surrender their territory. I choose not to convert to your religion and prostate myself on the rainbow altar and partake in the demonization of white people just because of their color.

Feel free to use them and embellish them as you wish. But please, don’t give anyone the power to deny your right to free speech with the racist bogeyman. After all, what kind of “humanitarian fighting for social justice” deploys thought-control weapons created by a socialist monster responsible for the mass murders of millions of his own people?

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Taken from chapter one of the author’s new book: “Liberty Violated – Untold Stories of the Seven Betrayals Breaking Down Western Civilization.”  To buy the full book,  click here now >>