Jihad Hits Brussels and Insanity Grips Europe

So here we are again walking the wheel after yet another Islamic atrocity committed on European soil. Just four months after devout Muslims waged jihad on the streets of Paris in November 2015 killing 130 people, murderous picbxljihad reared its bloodthirsty head in the capital city of Belgium and the heart of the European Union, Brussels.  After the bombings at Zavantem airport and Maelbeek Metro station, 34 innocent people lay dead with 230 people injured.

Let’s be quite frank and admit the atrocity in Brussels shouldn’t have happened. Clear warning signs were flashed after the jihad attacks in Paris and the lessons were not learned. And judging by the reaction to the latest act of war in the name of Islam in Brussels, they’re not going to be learned either. What you are about to read is strong evidence that the political commissars of the Marxist EU, members of Western European governments and their lackeys in the mainstream media are either deliberately and criminally betraying their people or they’re dangerously insane, their minds addled by failed multiculturalism.

Events in Belgium’s neighbour Holland make a good start. On Friday March 18th, three days before the Brussels attacks, the leader of the PVV Geert Wilders went on trial in a Dutch court for daring to state his party want fewer Moroccans in Holland. Wilders has to be protected by an army of bodyguards 24/7 because of death threats from – go on take a guess. Here we have a brave politician who has lost his freedom and who represents millions of Dutch people being tried by the ruling elites for his political opinions on Islam and Muslim immigrants. Free speech is being stamped out in one of the most liberal nations in the world.

It’s the kind of show trial that was common to both the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and National Socialist Germany but with a twist. Instead of persecuting people whose opinions are deemed thought-crimes by the state, the Dutch state is prosecuting Wilders for daring to criticize the Islamization of his country. Just three days later his perfectly reasonable concerns about the threat Islam poses to the West were validated with the jihad in Brussels. Will this horrific dose of reality bring the Dutch to their senses and force them to pay heed to Wilders’ warnings?

The reactions of the political elite and media in other European nations to the atrocity provide a clear clue. As thousands of angry patriots such as myself took to social media to condemn the politicians who had irresponsibly opened the borders allowing millions of Muslim males to pour into the West, those responsible donned Teflon hats and went on the defence.

Their first quite deplorable tactic was to smear people who dared to criticize them and lay responsibility at their door as “political opportunists.” Kay Burley of Sky News stated it was “too early for political opportunism”, yet didn’t specify a time period when criticism would be appropriate. Nor did she say it was too early for the 34 victims to lose their lives.

What a devious little trick this is! These wretched incompetent authoritarians are stating: “How dare you criticize us for a problem we directly caused!”

As condemnation of the European Union and Western governments mounted, the charlatans resorted to increasingly desperate lengths to avoid taking any responsibility.  In the United States, Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has the political establishment quaking in its boots, was singled out by his opponents as being responsible. The United Kingdom Independence Party was condemned by Labour MP Alan Johnson and Conservative Prime Minister for daring to blame the EU for making Europe unsafe. That’s the same European Union whose heart is in Brussels, a city now made unsafe by EU open border policies.


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, a socialist, made the following statement without any sense of self-awareness. “We are at war, we have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war.”  Curiously, he didn’t say who Europe is at war with nor did he specify and what their reasons and objectives are. He also neglected to mention that he and his irresponsible ilk are guilty of importing the devout mujahideen who are committed to waging war against infidels and murdering European citizens. The very citizens he and the governments of Western Europe are supposed to serve and protect.

As ever the desperation to avoid connecting devout Muslims waging jihad in the way of Allah from “true Islam” is present. In typical tried and tested fashion, the “terrorists” are portrayed as criminal psychopaths who pervert and distort the peaceful religion of Islam. Furthermore, the vast majority of Muslims condemn the terrorists so it’s not fair to blame all Muslims. I’ve dealt with this false narrative about Islam previously in this article here.

Oblivious to the truth, Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon made it quite clear who is to blame for terrorism the day before Islamic jihad hit his country: Belgium. Because of discrimination, Belgians haven’t done enough to make Muslim immigrants feel at home and must do more to stop radicalization.

Here you can see the fatal befuddlement inherent to the Western politicians charged with making their nations secure. One says Europe is at war with a nameless enemy another says his country is the enemy. At no point will they question the ideology compelling devout Muslim jihadists to rape and massacre unbelievers in Europe and indeed, everywhere Islam takes root.

Because of this failure to understand the nature of the threat facing Europe out of a fanatical devotion to their own Multicult ideology, politicians like Merkel, Valls, Cameron and Jambon are deliberately placing their own people in grave danger. They have the blood of the innocent people slaughtered in Paris and Brussels on their hands. Such criminal acts should be regarded as treason but unfortunately, the people of Europe seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word. As for accountability for politicians who opened the borders, forget it. The solution to the murderous acts of jihad committed by the soldiers of Allah in Paris and Brussels is to continue to import 1000s more Muslims into Europe. And these self-serving charlatans have the nerve to tell their people Europe is safer in the EU even as the British government is advising people not to travel to Brussels. If you still believe Europe is safe after what’s happened in Paris and Brussels, I suggest you’re in need of urgent medical attention.

Predictably, US President Obama and British PM Cameron called for people to unite in solidarity against terror.  How people are supposed to unite in solidarity with people who are commanded by their deity to lie to, to hate and to kill all unbelievers they didn’t explain. But why should they when neither they nor their loved ones will ever face the brutal reality of Islamic jihad as hundreds of innocent people did in Paris and Brussels.

The masses also walked the wheel. Brainwashed to believe all people are equal and that Islam really is peaceful, they steadfastly refuse to accept the reality of the threat facing them and they reacted in exactly the same way they did after Paris. Most of them remained in deep denial, insisting most Muslims are against jihad. Yes, you’re there before me I’m sure, they’re saying most Muslims are against the core of their own faith!

Desperate to do something to show the terrorists won’t win, the sentimental rainbow disciples called for prayers on Twitter and they erected multicolored shrines decorated with flowers and illuminated with candles. They covered their avatars with the Belgian flag and proudly proclaimed “Je Suis Bruxelles”. In November 2015 it was the French flag and Je Suis Paris. Feel the diversity and enrichment.

Dewy eyed, and addicted to pity, grief junkies paid their respects, hugged each other and basked in the comforting glow of virtue signalling. Their faux piety achieving absolutely nothing in the fight against terror, buy hey, they called those who dared to state the truth about Islam racists.  Once this storm has passed, they’ll eagerly await the next atrocity so they can once again demonstrate to the world what caring, tolerant beacons of humanity they are. Let’s go round again. And again, and again, and again.  Allah’s warriors must be laughing at us and they also know for sure: Europe is ripe for the taking.

So how should Westerners react to acts of murderous jihad? It’s no good being angry at Muslims. Jihad is core to Islam, Allah commands war on infidels until the world belongs solely to Islam. Anger is a perfectly justifiable response to these atrocities but it needs to be directed at duplicitous politicians conducting pernicious multicult social experiments to create a new global world order. They regard their people as nothing more than expendable lab-rats who can be sacrificed on the rainbow altar with impunity. Even though the dire consequences predicted by patriots following the EU’s grossly irresponsible decision to open the borders have unfolded with devastating consequences in two of Europe’s finest cities , the social experiments will and must continue regardless. The harsh reality of Islam will never force politicians to admit they got it badly wrong and the wicked betrayal of a people continues apace.

The glaring fact the West refuses to accept is that while Islam exists it is in a state of war with all unbelievers as it has been for 1400 years.  Since 2001, murderous Islamic jihad has enriched New York, Madrid, London, Sydney, Ottawa, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Boston, Madrid, Garland, San Bernardino, Paris and Brussels – which city in the West will be next? Because one thing you can be sure walking the wheel will achieve: There will be a next time, no one knows where, no one knows when. And no one in the West no matter where they are is safe. French PM Valls is right. Europe is at war. And it’s way past time for the enemy to be clearly identified and confronted. We owe it to the victims of Paris and Brussels. You can have freedom or you can have Islam but you can’t have both.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the new book: Death of the Family – True Stories of the Charlatans Who Deceived the World and Broke the Backbone of Our Society. To discover how and why feminists adopted the subversive theories of Mao Zedong to break down the traditional family unit and land a devastating hammer blown to Western society, click here now >>