Dirty Secrets The Liberal-Left Doesn’t Want You To Know About Multiculturalism – Part One

Cultural Marxism – or multiculturalism as most people know it – is now the dominant ideology in the West. It’s promoted at all levels of western society: By mainstream political parties, the entire print and broadcast media, the judiciary, the mass media, in schools and universities, literature, the arts and even sport. Just witness soccer’s “kick racism out of football” campaign as a prominent example. No opportunity is missed to force the multicultural dogma down the throats of the credulous masses.

To simply call multiculturalism an ideology doesn’t really hit the mark because it really is more akin to an organized religion. It may not have an all-seeing, all-knowing deity who promises life after death to those who obey and eternal damnation for those who don’t, but it does, like all religions, claim to be “the perfect truth.” There are a number of other quite legitimate comparisons and we’ll look at these now.

Born Sick

Multiculturalism – I call it the “rainbow creed” or “rainbowism” – is a proselytizing Godless faith that spreads by intimidation, demonization and threat. And just like all of the great religions have done during their histories, rainbowism spreads by the sword. In fact, right now, the only two religions commanding believers to use violence against unbelievers are Islam and multiculturalism.

I know this may come as a surprise to you. Most people are completely unaware of the violent nature of multiculturalism, indeed I myself was. As you proceed through the book, you’ll discover what lies at the end of the rainbow and believe me, gold it most certainly isn’t.

Just as is the case with many other religions, the disciples of this new Godless rainbow creed are infected with true believer syndrome. They believe that they and they alone possess the absolute truth, a trait common among devout religious zealots as it has been over the centuries. So, armed with what they know for sure to be their impregnable mighty weapon, the rainbow flock wage their social justice “holy war” to bring peace and salvation for all humanity. They – and only they – can bring about this noble aim.

The rainbow creed may not have an omnipotent, supernatural deity – or other supernatural spirits – but it does have a holy trinity, as does Christianity.

Replacing God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is the sacred rainbow trinity of diversity, tolerance and equality. Diversity is the assertion that advanced, enlightened Western civilization was – and is – so retarded it needed to import a swarm of alien peoples from the uncivilized, primitive third world in order to become enriched.

Tolerance is the cherished spiritual virtue a disciple of the rainbow creed must continually demonstrate as a sign of his or her commitment to the faith. As more and more people from distant lands colonize – my bad, enrich – the West, the rainbow creed commands believers to be tolerant of these settlers and their various cultures. The enrichers must be given a warm welcome even though many of these enricher cultures will often clash with and contradict the cherished rainbow beliefs.

Equality is the bedrock of multiculturalism. It is the assertion that all people and all cultures are equal. This assertion is inviolate and must not be questioned.  However, there is one exception to this assertion, which also must never be questioned:

All cultures are equal – except Western culture because it was unfairly built from looting, oppressing, exploiting, abusing and enslaving weaker, noble peoples. Asserting that Western culture is a superior culture because it built the strongest and most advanced civilization ever created in human history is supremacist, and completely against the gospel of the rainbow creed.

As the West and its people have a long, immoral history of exploiting and oppressing other noble peoples for its own selfish gain, this injustice must be addressed and corrected.

To bring about justice, the rainbow creed deems the indigenous white Western European peoples – Nordic, Anglo-Saxons, Celts and so on – as being a people cursed with “white privilege”, the equivalent of original sin. To paraphrase the late, great author and religious critic Christopher Hitchens:

White people are born sick with unjust privilege and are commanded by the rainbow creed to be well by hating themselves, disavowing their identity, surrendering their territory, diluting their culture and embracing their colonization and eventual replacement.

So, in order to cleanse their tarnished souls, white people must repent for the evils their forefathers committed throughout history. They must confess that they are guilty and for their penance, white people must sacrifice themselves on the rainbow altar to pay for their original sin of ill-gained, immoral white privilege.

Any white people who refuse to convert and kneel at the rainbow altar will invoke the wrath of the true believers. Just as religions throughout the centuries smeared those who dared to reject their perfect message as blasphemers, heretics, apostates, goyim, kuffar and infidels, the holier-than-thou devout disciples of the rainbow creed will demonize those who dare to reject its perfect, absolute truth in the same way.

We may be in the twenty first century but the long tradition of demonizing unbelievers remains alive and kicking. Because the rainbow creed has replaced the usual out-dated brickbats with the new slurs and smears for unbelievers: Xenophobes, haters, the quite absurd and factually incorrect Fascists and Nazis and of course, the new mortal sin, a hate-crime that terrifies the indigenous peoples of the West into silence and meek submission:


The old smears for dissenters and other untermenschen aren’t the only parts of religion that have had a makeover. In the house of rainbows, the seven capital sins of Christianity – the sins that are so bad they cannot ever be forgiven even by a loving, merciful God – have been replaced. So instead of lust, gluttony, avarice, sloth, wrath, envy and pride, the rainbow creed has created seven new cardinal sins that only apply to people of the white races:

Racial pride, patriotism, nationalism, self-determination, discrimination, self- segregation and of course, the one the devil himself daren’t even commit, racism. But in a show of pious tolerance, rainbowists graciously permit non-white races to commit all of these sins without fear of punishment from the rainbow inquisitors. Conversely, if white people dare commit any of them, fire and brimstone will be brought down on them!

The tried and tested tactic of threatening, intimidating and scaring people to force them into meek submission is another commonality the rainbow creed shares with religion. I was raised as a Christian, my Mother’s faith remained strong all of her life although my father had long since abandoned his belief in God before I was even born. He may not have believed in the supernatural but he did believe in the traditional Judeo-Christian moral values. I guess he was what people refer to today as a “secular Christian.”

When I was about fourteen years of age, I asked him why he didn’t believe in religion or the existence of a God. His reply is without doubt the best advice he, or anyone else for that matter, ever gave me:

“Anything that has to abuse, threaten and frighten you to force you to believe in it simply isn’t worth believing in.”

If you’re ever confronted by a hysterical, intolerant rainbow bigot hurling insults at you and making threats because you dare to question or reject their perfect truth, recall my father’s advice. The days when self-righteous zealots wielded the blasphemy and heresy weapons belong in the middle ages. That devout rainbowists want to revive them with their “racist”, “Nazi”, “xenophobe” and other lame Orwellian thought crimes speaks volumes about them and the validity of their multicultural ideology.

The devout disciples of the rainbow creed claim to be advocates of free speech yet become abusive and even violent to anyone who dares oppose them. They want freedom of speech for themselves but not for others.

In rainbow la-la land, being offended is a one-way street. It’s perfectly acceptable for rainbowists and alien invaders to be offended by people who are patriotic, who love their nation and their people and who oppose multiculturalism and mass immigration. But if patriots are offended by the forced imposing of multiculturalism and the way this is drastically transforming the West then that’s racist and xenophobic and such “ignorant, hateful, divisive” views must be crushed.

Free speech is the right to question, criticize, mock and reject ideologies. If people are offended by it then it shows how weak their ideology truly is. Being offended does not get you a “get out of jail free” card so you and your precious beliefs can escape scrutiny and criticism. But as the rainbowists believe they possess the perfect truth, they also believe they can determine what’s offensive and what isn’t.

The lands of the West are saturated with the blood of brave warriors who fought and laid down their lives for the right of free speech and the freedom from tyranny. Free speech and the freedom of expression are fundamental rights in an enlightened, civilized society. My ancestors fought for this right and I will exercise my right to free speech and to offend. The age where people are demonized as blasphemers and heretics for daring to question or reject doctrine must be consigned to the dustbin of history. It is vitally important for future generations that people – including alien settlers – who believe in supremacist, intolerant, violent and totalitarian ideologies such as multiculturalism aren’t permitted to drag the West back into the dark ages.

It must be made absolutely clear:  Freedom of speech is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

“If you believe in freedom of speech, you believe in freedom of speech for views you don’t like. Goebbels was in favor of free speech he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re in favor of freedom of speech, that means you’re in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise.”  – Noam Chomsky

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Taken from chapter one of the author’s new book: “Liberty Violated – Untold Stories of the Seven Betrayals Breaking Down Western Civilization.”  To buy the full book,  click here now >>