20 Years On – The Deception of Srebrenica Is Still Advancing Islamic Jihad

Saturday July 11th 2015 marked the twentieth anniversary of the massacre of Bosnian Muslims by Bosnian Serbs in the town of Srebrenica. The opportunity to indulge in an orgy of Serb-bashing by opportunist, self-serving politicians and the duplicitous media was simply too good to miss. They were all-too-keen to continue propagating one of the biggest…

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Welcome To The Official Site Of Christopher J. Green

Hey, Christopher here, I’m an investigative journalist and historian specializing in the decline of Western civilization. Weclome to my site. I write about a variety of topics – Islam, Multicultulturalism, Marxism especially Cultural Marxism, race issues, global governance, Israel and the Middle East, Africa and British and American history. If you’re sick and tired of…

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