What The Lying Media Won’t Tell You About Trump Riots

The 2016 Presidential election in the United States will go down as one of the most incredible in history. Against all leftardsthe odds, and against the will of the establishment, the mainstream media, Hollywood and a gaggle of leftist celebrities such as Robert di Nero, Lady Gaga and Madonna, Americans chose the Republican candidate Donald J. Trump to be their new President.

What followed next was entirely predictable. Outraged Democrat supporters expressed their anger by rioting across the nation and violently attacking Trump supporters. All while demonizing Trump and his supporters as intolerant, hate-filled fascists who will destroy America. Irony as ever is totally lost on them.

But there are a couple of dirty secrets underpinning these riots you won’t find in the mainstream media. Mindless violence and destruction it most certainly isn’t.

Warning signs about the intolerant nature of the left were flashed after the British voted to leave the corrupt, globalist European Union. Pro EU supporters took to the streets demanding the vote be rejected. They were supported by politicians from the remain camp who have vowed to do whatever they can to either overturn the result or delay Britain’s exit as much as possible. Frustrated by the vote, supremacist elites now resort to legal chicanery to overturn the democratic will of the racist, xenophobic British people.

Not for the first time in the European Union, the democratic will of the people was being judged as wrong, ill-informed and therefore invalid. The sneering elites who know better than everyone else believe they are perfectly justified in stamping their jackboots on democracy when the result doesn’t go their way.

The same arrogant attitude is present in the American left. You see, the people who voted for Donald Trump also got it badly wrong. They’re haters, racists, fascists, sexists, homophobes and their vote is deemed a “hate crime”.  George Orwell’s warnings in 1984 are unfolding in 2016.

As soon as someone is demonised they’re valid targets for violence committed by self-righteous “social justice warriors”. Why, no sane, decent, tolerant person would ever vote for Donald Trump as it means a rejection of the “progressive” values only the enlightened left possess!

Of course, years of brainwashing by politicians, schools, universities and the mainstream media to demonize everyone who dares to oppose the will of the all-knowing globalist elites is playing a significant part in this.  For decades, patriots who simply wish to preserve their identities, cultures and traditions and who oppose mass immigration and the drive for global, one-world government have been dismissed as haters, racists, Nazis and fascists. They’re the new untermenschen who are unfit to play a part in the New World Order and their voices can be silenced. It’s for your own good and the good of the people after all.

The hysterical reaction of liberals and leftists to the democratic votes in Great Britain and the USA proves they now want multiculturalism to be forcibly imposed. Let’s not forget that multiculturalism – or more accurately, cultural Marxism – is a weapon deployed to further globalism and the destruction of the West. It serves global capitalists, providing them with no end of cheap labour as borders aren’t enforced and it dilutes Western cultures. It also provides the left-wing parties with a growing pool of voters.

As liberals and leftists protest against democracy and demonize and attack their opponents, they proclaim themselves to be tolerant and peaceful. Blinded by their own piety, they can’t see they’ve become parodies of what they claim to oppose. Only they protest against the democratic will of the people and only they riot when elections don’t go their way. But hey, it’s not fascism when they do it.

One can draw similarities with Islam: Muslims insist it’s a religion of peace but if you criticize it or reject it we’ll kill you. Liberals and leftists say “we’re tolerant and peaceful and democratic – unless you dare vote against us and reject our ideology then we’ll resort to violence and rioting.”

There’s a couple of things at work here. First, these leftists and liberals are doing the bidding of one of the most influential Marxist scholars, Professor Herbert Marcuse.  He called for “The Great Refusal”, meaning socialists were to refuse to cooperate with the government via civil disobedience. This is based on the theory of perhaps the most brilliant Marxist scholar, the Italian Antonio Gramsci who made an astute realization.

Gramsci knew violence alone would not advance the Marxist cause. Marxists would have to make their ideas appeal to the whole of society and he was the first Marxist scholar to recognize the importance of intellectuals to the cause. But he also knew violence would have a key role to play in the struggle. He wanted the threat of violence to be ever present. Society either accepted socialist reforms or violence would ensue. Marcuse merely expanded on these theories to give them a structure with his Great Refusal.


This explains why professional leftist agitators are whipping-up dejected Clinton voters, inciting them to commit violence because of Trump’s victory. All justified by smearing opponents as intolerant, gullible, liars, racists, fascists, haters. No proof is required, and just like Pavlov’s dogs, the brainwashed, hysterical leftist-liberal herd are triggered by each accusation. Offended and angry because people have dared to reject their ideas, they take to the streets, smash cars, vandalize shops and assault their opponents.

They claim their ideas are good for America yet burn the stars and stripes because the intolerant mustn’t be tolerated. And that shows their true motivation. They hate the United States of America and all it stands for. They hate capitalism, they hate democracy, they hate the West and they hate rule of law. And they can’t tolerate being opposed, they’ve made that perfectly clear.

After losing the Brexit referendum and US Presidential election, the liberal-left is sending a clear message: Don’t upset the socialists – or else.  Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Castro, Mugabe, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh and their beloved Che Guevara all thought exactly the same way. The vitally important lesson from history is that socialism is NOT a democratic ideology. It is an ideology dedicated to stamping out democracy and imposing a one party socialist state. Opposition is not tolerated. Democracy means voting for socialists or their approved candidates. Or suffer the consequences.

So indoctrinated and arrogant are these tyrants, they simply cannot conceive that others will reject their ideas. Furthermore, the notion that others may believe as much in differing ideologies and are as passionate about their ideas being the best for society as leftists and liberals are doesn’t even register with them. And when democracy unfolds against socialism, entitled leftists and liberals become outraged, angry, offended and behave like spoilt brats because they didn’t get their own way.

All the warning signs are there about the reality of socialism. An ideology that’s failed everywhere it’s been tried that’s inflicted misery and suffering on millions of people. Yet still people believe it is a benign, tolerant democratic ideology. But the history of socialism paints a vastly different picture and it’s time the immoral left was knocked of its high horse. The domestic terrorism that followed Donald Trump’s victory shows the left is dedicated to destroying democracy and the subverts must not be allowed to succeed.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the controversial new book: Liberty Violated – Untold Stories of the Seven Betrayals Breaking Down Western Civilization. Chapter one exposes why multiculturalism is a wicked crime against humanity and is available as a FREE PREVIEW click here now to read it >>